Gede Artana

” My name is I Gede Artana, I’m from Payangan. Now I’m one of the students in Campuhan College. Campuhan College is an amazing school for me because I got a lot of knowledge about English and Computer that I didn’t know before and during I study here I feel totally change especially for my English.”

I Gede Artana
Program Profesional [ 2012-2013 ]

“My Name’s Roy and my full name’s I Wayan Roy Juliawan. I’m from Begawan Sub Village, Paaangan District. I’ve been joining 3 levels at Campuhan College. During I’m joining the course; I’ve got a lot of experiences. In addition here I’ve learned about many things that won’t be forgotten by me at home, and beside knowledge I also found new friends from local and abroad. I believe all of knowledge that I got from here, will be very useful for my future.”

I Wayan Roy Juliawan
Bahasa Inggris [ Elementary II ]
Roy Juliawan

“Hello, good morning, I would like to tell you about my English course. The first one I want to introduce myself, my name is Pipin Trisnandi. I am from Blahbatuh, I am 16 years old. I was born on May 26th 1997. I am a student of SMK Kesehatan Maharesi
The second one I want to tell you about my English course that increases my knowledge, I choose to follow English course in Campuhan College. Now I am at the elementary level. Campuhan College is the best place to practice our English. I am very lucky could meet Campuhan college because I got a lot of knowledge in Campuhan College. I am very satisfied and proud because I make my English more than before although is not perfect yet.
Thank you Campuhan College.”

Pipin Trisnandi
Bahasa Inggris [ Beginner – SMK Kesehatan Maharesi ]

“My name is Atik, I’m one of the students at SMA N 1 Ubud. I had been joining at Campuhan College to study English for 3 months last year. I learned a lot there and the teacher is very kind. That’s why I like to study at Campuhan College so much and I will join in the next level.”

Bahasa Inggris [ Beginner – SMA Negeri 1 Ubud ]
Sri Andari

“My name is Sri Andari, I would like to tell you about my experiences and impression during following the course at Campuhan College. Campuhan College has very good location which is a way from the city of Ubud. It’s make me easier to absorb and understanding the lessons because there is less noise vehicle sound and make felt comfortable. The great facilities support me as well, kind and patient teacher teach me very gently and sometimes we play the games, sing a song during the class! All of those are the great things that I have during the class at Campuhan College. Proudly I will put Campuhan College as a high recommendation for other student or people that want to have an English course! Thank you.”

Putu Sri Andari
Bahasa Inggris [ Hospitality – Botanic Day Spa ]